Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Crown Capital Eco Management: Concerns over 'useless' Arctic oil spill plan

Ben Ayliffe says he believes the Arctic Council plan would be ineffective if a spill occurred.
"It would be a nightmare scenario, you're facing oil drifting for thousands of miles under ice, the technical challenge of operating in darkness would make mounting the sort of response that BP had to do in the Gulf, completely impossible," he said.
Late last year, the House of Commons environmental audit committee called for a halt to oil drilling in the Arctic until a pan-Arctic response plan was in place. They called for a stricter financial liability regime to require oil and gas companies to prove they could meet the costs of cleaning up a spill.
According to chair of the Committee Joan Walley MP, there were big questions over the abilities of these companies to deal with a spillage.
"The infrastructure to mount a big clean-up operation is simply not in place and conventional oil spill response techniques have not been proven to work in such severe conditions," she said.
The Arctic Council consists of the United States, Russia, Canada, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Iceland

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